Matrix Housing


We are a unique co-operative providing affordable housing and health and social care services. As a not-for-profit cooperative of housing associations, we...

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The latest news and headlines from the Matrix Housing Partnership...

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Collectively the Matrix Partnership owns 100,000 homes

The Partnership have built 1,500 high quality homes

In 2011, The Accord Group made history when it became the first housing association in the country to open its very own low carbon, timber frame manufacturing hub in Walsall

In 2012, Trident embarked on a Group-wide social audit, the first of its kind in the UK

WATMOS is based around 11 tenant management organisations (TMOs) which have successfully managed their own estates for many years and provide local housing services on behalf of the WATMOS Group.

Rooftop implemented a local employment opportunities programme, as a result, this initiative created more than 30 additional jobs during 2012/13. In addition around 50 Rooftop residents received wider employment support. 

Trent & Dove carried out eco-upgrades to 500 of its hardest to heat homes which will stand to save tenants up to £350 on their annual energy bills.