Matrix Housing

Future of Health and Care

After housing development and management, health and social care are the two most important elements in the work of the Matrix Housing Partnership. The Accord Group is a leading provider of health and social care services with a major turnover in its care and support division and its health company.

Trident Reach, part of the Trident Social Investment Group, is a top care and support charity offering residential and outreach care to those with disabilities and homeless people. Rooftop Housing Group and Trent and Dove, also part of Matrix Partnership provide these services for older people.

The Matrix Way
All in all, Matrix provides comprehensive support for dementia sufferers, women and children fleeing domestic abuse, a range of schemes for homeless people, for young parents, for care-leavers living on their own for the first time, and people vulnerable to substance misuse.

All care and support is of a high quality with extensive facilities and each scheme is registered with the relevant professional bodies. The dedicated staff of the Matrix partners ensure that service-users are treated with respect and become valued members of the community.

The Matrix Housing Partnership sees health, care and support as a growing part of its work and is supportive of integration of housing, health and social care to achieve better outcomes for residents and greater value for money.

Over the next twenty years, it is highly likely that there will remain pressures on the public purse to provide quality housing, health and social care. Demographics and increases in costs of providing services will require greater integration of housing, health and social care, partnership approaches, pursuit of innovation and deployment of technology.

The principles that underpin social housing and social care, and above all the NHS, will probably still be in place and valued by residents, service-users, patients, communities and the wider public.

Delivery of integrated housing, health and social care, linked to tackling neighbourhood-based poverty and disadvantage will probably be via a mixed economy of public, private and third sector agencies which will have to both compete and co-operate to improve public health and reduced inequalities.