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Trident resident launches report shaping the Group’s strategy

Trident Social Investment Group wanted to highlight the valuable contribution their residents make to their communities, by adding the voice of resident and Vice Chair of Trident’s Scrutiny Panel, Paul Steward, who launched their ‘Listening and Learning’ report.

Compiling a decade of qualitative and quantative research into what Trident’s residents tell the organisation are their priorities for improvement to services, the report shows how Trident has used a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) approach to enable its residents to shape Trident’s Social Investment Strategy, as well as, how the organisation plans to offer greater opportunities for its residents to manage and control their housing and community assets in the future.

Throughout the world on ITD, individuals and communities celebrate some of the benefits of being tenants and their solidarity and collective endeavour.  ‘Responsible housing’ achievements are showcased across the European Union.

As the Listening and Learning report demonstrates, Trident has placed a greater emphasis on joint working and co-operative approaches, as a direct result of asking tenants in a major survey how they prefer to be addressed. ‘Customers’ came a distant third. Tenants like to be considered as residents to enable parity with home owners.

Stretching back more than a decade, the social investment group has undertaken surveys and other listening exercises, using focus groups and scrutiny panels, to enable Trident to respond to existing and emerging needs, changing aspirations and new realities on the ground.

As well as providing homes to 6,000 people across the Midlands, many of whom are the most vulnerable, the Trident Social Investment Group includes housing associations, charities and social enterprises placing a social investment ethos and collaborative community working at its core.     

Abigail Robson, Chair, Trident Housing said: ‘At a time when social landlords are tackling the consequences of welfare reform, requirements to improve our value for money and to measure the social value we create in some of the most disadvantaged communities across the country, it is vital that we have accurate information about who we house and provide services for, and how we can help improve lives, life chances and community well-being.’

Tony Clark, Housing Director, Trident Housing said: ‘As a social investment group, we are very supportive of our residents and could see no better way of marking this annual celebration of the unique role our residents play in our community, and the need to enhance and protect their rights. As social landlords, we can empower our residents using the tools of CSR.  Listening to the concerns and priorities of tenants has led Trident to develop its Social Investment Strategy, built around the ‘5Fs’ of food, fuel, furniture, finance and futures.’

Paul Steward, Vice Chair of Trident’s Scrutiny Panel said: ‘I am thrilled to have launched the ‘Listening and Learning’ report because it is all about residents speaking out about what’s important to them and being heard.  The report sets out residents’ priorities including greater involvement in Trident’s management, which is great.'